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As a non-profit co-founder, former chief equity officer for the City of Atlanta, and current head of community strategy for BlackRock Atlanta, I'm passionate about igniting purpose within companies and individuals to drive greater community change, enhancing employee engagement, structuring innovation, and developing more resilient cultures that lead to improved commercial outcomes.

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A Leadership Philosophy Rooted In Purpose, Courage,
and Unity.

Through my cross-sector experiences, I've discovered a common thread binding all team members, irrespective of their backgrounds, cultures, or personalities. We all desire to be seen, heard, recognized, and valued for who we are. My leadership philosophy is rooted in empowerment, aiming to ignite a distinct purpose within each individual and organization. By sowing seeds of courage and fostering unity, my leadership ethos endorses the transformation of personal interests into a shared purpose. This approach uplifts everyone to reach their utmost potential and revolutionizes organizations. We can effectuate positive change by defining our purpose, being courageous, and uniting across differences to make the world a better place.  



I welcome interview requests and am pleased to serve as a trusted source for articles, videos, and podcasts addressing topics including community strategy, disrupting poverty, igniting purpose, and Courageous Acts of Unity.


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Education, activism, courage—read all about them, here.

See some of my speeches, interviews, and news clips. 


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