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A Letter to Our Younger Sisters

Updated: Jan 13

Dear beloved sisters and friends,

As women who have had our fair share of successes and setbacks, Blythe and I know the value of solid advice. Good advice can save valuable time, spare unnecessary heartache, and serve as a guide when the way to move forward is unclear. This letter is a love offering filled with some of our most treasured pieces of advice. We hope these recommendations gleaned from real-life experiences will make your path a bit easier.

You only get one body and one life.

Establishing practices that keep your body healthy is most effective when started early. Simple things like getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods, and regularly exercising will benefit you in the long run.

Other helpful practices could be to adopt a plant-based diet long term or for two or three months out of the year and reduce your alcohol intake, including chemicals in your house, lotions, and fragrances. A big one is to slow down every once and a while. It's okay to have goals and push yourself, but if you don't take the time to care for your body, reaching goals will be a harder and longer journey.

Support your journey by sipping warm lemon water every morning, taking vitamins and supplements, and drinking smoothies and fresh juices. Try out quarterly detoxes, weekly 24-hour fasts (drinking only water and herbal teas), reading daily positive quotes or messages, creating routines, traveling, and practicing gratitude. Strengthen your emotional health by surrounding yourself with positive people, paying close attention to the energy you feel, practicing random acts of kindness, and checking in with peers.

Take a step back to see things clearer.

We enjoy a few techniques to calm thoughts and clear the mind. Quiet time first thing in the morning is a productive way to start the day. You could use that time to meditate, close your eyes and take deep breaths, pray, stretch, or spend time outside. Even if you can’t start the day with silence, you can incorporate massages, praying, walking, and hiking on scenic trails at any time.

Nature is a place of healing and can offer clarity by deepening your relationship with your higher power. In the quiet and stillness of nature, we can commune with God, ourselves, and our loved ones here or beyond. Spiritual closeness with God allows us to understand the grace we should give to ourselves and others. When our spirits are in tune with God, our confidence and humility grow, and so does our understanding that anything we dream, we can become - we just need to begin.

To avoid staying stuck, continuously evolve.

During the seasons in life when we have felt stuck or stagnant, things that have helped us get moving again were setting new routines, trying new hobbies, seeking professional development and growth opportunities, and spending intentional time with individuals who support us. Relationships with mentors, mentees, and spiritually aligned friends hold us accountable, and establishing learning opportunities helps us to think about continuously evolving in life, preventing us from staying stuck for long.

There is no shortage of ways to care for yourself. We hope you add these tips to your arsenal of tools.

With our love,

Blythe and Qaadirah

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