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Igniting the Power of Shared Purpose: How Organizations Can Unite for Greater Impact

What does it take to create positive change? This is a question that has plagued individuals and organizations alike for years. While some might argue that it takes a grand vision or a charismatic leader to bring about significant change, others believe that the real power lies in shared purpose. Shared purpose is the idea that individuals and organizations can unite under a common goal to achieve greater impact and drive meaningful change.

A Meaningful Example:

the LEGO Group and UNICEF partnership is an excellent example of two corporations coming together to use their resources and expertise to make a positive impact on society. In 2021, the organizations announced a three-year partnership to invest $2.5 million in providing resources to community-based family support programs to help caregivers understand the lifelong benefits of incorporating play into their everyday lives. The partnership will reach over 1 million children and their caregivers in 10 countries.

A Shared Purpose Created:

The LEGO Group is a global leader in play-based learning, and UNICEF is the world's leading organization for children. By working together, they can help to ensure that more children have access to the play they need to thrive.

The partnership demonstrates the power of businesses working together to make a positive impact on the world. By collaborating on shared goals, corporations can accelerate progress on important social and environmental challenges.

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