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Introducing Courageous Acts of Unity

Our strength is in our unity!

As we work together to push past hate and use our collective power to amplify unheard voices, I am launching Courageous Acts of Unity, a blog series for people striving to do justice, to love kindness, and create unifying communities.

On a deep level, all humans, regardless of upbringing, culture, and personality, have a similar underlying thread. We all need to be seen, heard, recognized for who we are, and valued. We desire to live a life of hope, freedom, fairness, and purpose. This shared humanity is what fuels Courageous Acts of Unity.

Courageous Acts of Unity are when we focus on our shared humanity and work toward a goal that supports a common goal rather than goals that only benefit the individual. As the country recovers from the aftermath of a double pandemic, recognizing, learning from, and modeling courageous acts of unity can serve as a template for others to adopt.

As someone who has never shied away from a challenge, my aim has always been to empower others to reach their full potential. That lifelong goal has fueled my changemaker and DEI efforts and sparked my desire to spread the message of how our acts of courage in the name of unity can transform the world. The Courageous Acts of Unity series is a source of inspiration for us to deepen our compassion for one another and remind us that we can all effect change if we try.


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