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Sister Circles Expand Sisterhood & Wellness

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

August kicks off National Wellness Month, a month that focuses on self-care, managing stress, and promoting healthy routines. I am sharing my thoughts about how my close friends, my sisters, have changed my life in both tangible and invisible ways. If you have a community of women, a sisterhood symposium, then you know what I’m talking about; it’s irreplaceable.

When the pandemic started two and half years ago, a close girlfriend and I committed to exercising together three days a week. During a time of overwhelming uncertainty, this was a beacon. It provided me with much more than a workout and a chat. It became a nonnegotiable for all aspects of my health and self-care.

My wellness, the whole state of my person, is better because of the time we committed to each other. The physical exercises improved my physical health, yes, but we both got so much more out of those meetings. Let me break it down.

Supported my physical health + Managed stress

The truth was, when it came to my physical fitness, I needed to make a change. I had high blood pressure and had been on medication for years since my early forties. When we started showing up for each other, and sticking to our commitment to exercise together regularly, my blood pressure decreased so much that I stopped needing medication.

Could I have done this with a solo workout routine? Maybe. But when you have a friend by your side, the hard parts of working out become easier. It feels less like work and more like building a connection.

Increased my emotional well being

There is something special that exists in a friendship between women that is hard to find anywhere else. There is unspoken grace and support. There is a knowing.

Bringing new people into my life and expanding my network is important to me, but when you are able to hold on to friends from your past, it’s rare and unique and beautiful. They know you. They’ve been there for your history. The connection is unshakeable.

My friendships have become a pillar in my emotional health over the past few years. When I committed to meeting up with my friend, I was really committing to myself—filling my own cup so that I could continue to be there to serve others.

Provided appreciated accountability

Thought follows action; our mood and thoughts change when we move our bodies. I experienced first-hand that good things happen when we continue to show up. Inspired business ideas flew like sparks and began to grow as we fanned the flame. The unexpected increase in creative thinking was a benefit received with gratitude.

Having another person to generate and discuss new ideas with is an immeasurable asset, especially when they care deeply about your well-being and success. This type of accountability is hard to come by, and I cherish the time we spent and will continue to spend together, nourishing our minds, bodies, and souls.

How are you finding peace during this time of uncertainty and upheaval? Who are you accountable to, and can you slow down to take inventory followed by inspired action?

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